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Calorie Expenditure

How it works

Sitting can be detrimental to your health.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic health conditions, impaired cognitive function, obesity and even death. Unfortunately, the workplace is a major contributor to these problems since many work tasks require sitting. A coffee run to the break room isn’t sufficient to counteract long hours sitting in meetings or behind a desk.

Studies are proving that the amount of time you exercise and the amount of time you spend sitting are completely separate factors for heart-disease risk. New evidence suggests that the more hours a day you sit still, the greater your likelihood of dying an earlier death regardless of how much you exercise or how lean you are.

Help is here.

Developed by a team of physical therapists, Office FootFidget® is a lightweight, inexpensive and completely portable device that combats the effect of physical inactivity. The results come by actively pressing one foot at a time down against the resistive bands of the device throughout the day. This mild ‘NEAT’ activity will provide core activation, large muscle contraction in hip and thighs, and increased proprioceptive input to improve focus and attention.

This energy releasing activity provides the gentle resistive movement needed to relieve low back pain and increase circulation in your legs for increased comfort. The Office FootFidget can help to combat the negative effects of sitting still and physical inactivity. Compatible with traditional desks or popular sit-stand types, it features a small footprint and is completely at home in any office setting.


Designed by Physical Therapists.

The Office FootFidget® encourages non-distracting subtle movement/proprioceptive input – by pressing one foot against the professional-grade resistance bands. This device can be used – sitting or standing – by anyone regardless of height, weight or fitness level.

The Benefits of Office FootFidget®

Improved focus and attention

Increased caloric

Better posture and improved comfort

Increased energy and alertness throughout the day

Improved memory, creativity, productivity

Decreased lowerback pain

Improved overall

Increased circulation in lower extremities

The science behind our product

Studies confirm it.

A 2016 research study* published in a leading sport and exercise  journal found that “Energy expenditure increased significantly while using the FootFidget (~30%) when compared to [sitting still in] the standard office chair.” In other studies, fidgeters burned an additional 350 calories a day!

Improves focus and productivity.

An increasing number of researchers are establishing a direct link between the physical activity of fidgeting and cognitive improvements in these areas: Focus, Learning, Creativity, and Productivity. Research continues to show that a focused person is not necessarily one who is sitting still at a desk for a solid eight hours a day. In fact, studies indicate that fidgeting improves memory and many other brain functions, too.

What other people say.

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14 Proven Side Effects of Sitting Still All Day.

Side effects include Deep Vein Thrombosis, Obesity, Increased Risk of Heart Disease, Risk of Diabetes, Raised Cholesterol, Herniated Disk, Poor Posture, Knee Pain, Muscle Weakness, Increased Risk of Depression, Slowed Metabolism, Neck Problems, Back Aches and Pain and a Shorter Life Span!

NEAT™ stands for the science of Non Exercise Activity
Thermogenesis, developed by Mayo Clinic.

For more information on NEAT™ certification, please visit

NEAT™-certified is a trademark of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research and used under license.


The Office FootFidget®

What is included with Office FootFidget® :

• A lightweight metal stand which is notched to provide comfortable ergonomic positioning to adjust for the user’s height.

• Two sets of resistance bands – yellow for heavier resistance in standing applications, and black for medium resistance in sitting applications. For maximum resistance while standing, the yellow and black bands can be combined.

• Simple assembly instructions and information regarding ergonomically correct positioning using the Office FootFidget® to maximize effectiveness.